Broken connection with PTEP

By steingod |

The connection between CVL and PTEP is broken and will not be fixed in the short term. What is still possible, is to create an information object, download this and upload that to any system of choice (even local environments). CVL is evaluating the information object and will probably at some point move towards R_Crate instead of the native object is use today.

Major changes in the metadata catalogue

By laraf |

On Monday 20th of March the SolR back-end for the metadata catalogue of the data portal will be changed.

Some major modifications will be present, including changes of metadata identifiers for some of the records.

A namespace prefix no.met.adc for all records managed by the Arctic Data Centre ( is now added.

Some records might be missing at the beginning, but we are working on filling these gaps.

Issues plotting some timeseries

By steingod |

CVL is using xarray in the visualisation component for timeseries, profiles etc. Due to a recent upgrade in xarray the visualisation is failing for some datasets due to erroneous handling of attributes in some CF-NetCDF files. We are working to address these issues by changing the CF-NetCDF representation of these data.

CVL 3D viewer

By steingod |

The CVL 3D Viewer has been added to the CVL Landing page. This is a viewer that for the time being provides access to a predefined number of datasets from the catalogue and allows both 2 and 3 dimensional visualisation of products as well fly through. This service requires that WebGL is enabled in the client computer.

Updated interactive interface to the data catalogue

By steingod |

The interactive interface to the data catalogue has been updated as part of the process of moving the landing page to a new version of the content management system. During this migration a new information model for the datasets have also been introduced and the process of ingesting datasets into this is ongoing. The new interface includes faceting and have access to all the datasets served as NetCDF-CF by the Norwegian National Ground Segment for Satellite Data.

Addition of data catalogue

By steingod |

Screendump of catalogue search interfaceA catalogue search interface has been added to the CVL landing page. This is a preliminary setup but allows users to search for datasets that can be relevant. The catalogue approach implies that CVL is working in an "open" dataspace, not knowing which data that are available. When moving from the open to the "closed" dataspace, improved services can be offered. Further functionality will be offered in a "closed" dataspace.