Early adopters call

The Cryosphere Virtual Lab platform is evolving and looking for early adopters!

Application deadline has been extended to 18th of July.

From September 2022 CVL will be open for beta testing to 20 early adopters. Starting with 16.05.2022 we invite Master and PhD students, as well as young scientists can apply for early access to CVL and take part in shaping the future of the project.

Cryosphere Virtual Laboratory (CVL) is an open  science community tool, where EO satellite data and derived products can be accessed, visualized, processed, shared and validated. CVL provides a search interface to public repositories of Arctic related datasets as well as local and cloud based processing tools and facilities for data access and processing.

CVL aims at supporting the cryosphere scientific community to address the gaps our understanding of the Arctic processes using Open Science approach, where sharing of data (e.g., EO satellite, in-situ, airborne, ancillary, high level products), knowledge, tools and results is at the center of the scientific processes. CVL encourages open access and FAIR data publishing principles and will remain free to use after completion of the testing phase.

We need help from the research community to evaluate the capabilities and usability of the CVL platform before it enters the operational phase. 

CVL provides:

  • Access to the searchable cryosphere related geospatial datasets
  • Tools for processing the data
  • Cloud based environments for executing Jupyter notebooks
  • 3D visualization tools
  • Science as code SVC repositories
  • Issue tracker for interacting with the platform developers
  • Publication of selected new datasets

Applicants are expected to have at least a Bachelor degree in the field of geosciences or equivalent. Familiarity with Python or R programming languages as well as common geospatial data formats is required.

To apply please submit:

  • Project proposal of up to 2 pages long, including objectives, relevance to the Arctic areas and expected results. Indicate which datasets you plan to use.
  • Your CV
  • Letter of support by supervisor or hosting institution

Applications shall be submitted to cvl@npolar.no.

In total up to 20 applicants will be awarded financial grants of 3,000 euros upon completion of the projects. To complete the project applicants will need to submit summaries of the performed research, publish resulting and relevant processing notebooks. Applicants will also have to provide final feedback on the platform usability and missing features/datasets in the form of a summary letter and fill the assessment questionnaire.

The deadline for submitting applications is 18th of July 2022. Contact us at cvl@npolar.no if you have further questions!